As I write today this hymn floods my mind;

There is not a friend

like the lowly Jesus

No not one (2ce)

He alone who heals

All our pains and sorrows

No not one (2ce)

Jesus knows all about our struggles

He will guide till the day be done

There is not a friend

Like the lowly Jesus

No not one (2ce)

I remember a few days ago I had the opportunity of speaking to a young professional. I was trying to relay a little bit of my struggles when I got a shocker of my life. He said “Pelumi, let me tell you the truth, nobody cares about what you are going through. Nobody cares about the challenges you are facing. All they need is result. Everybody goes through tough times so they don’t expect yours to be unique…”. I wouldn’t lie to you, I was disappointed by that statement but really what he said is the truth of life even though it shouldn’t be so. Nobody wants a cry baby around them or Mr. or Miss/Mrs. morose around them.  Everybody expects you to be of best behavior. They expect you to be able solve your problems yourself and not shove in their faces that you are going through hard times. They feel if they can handle their own problems themselves why should your own case be different. They get disgusted and disappointed when you expose your struggles or weak sides to them. They say, “i thought you are a ‘spirikoko’ (fervent Christian), this shouldn’t be heard of you” or “pray about it na”.

Lessons I have learnt during this stage in my life;


* Never put your trust in a man in whose breath is in his nostrils.  Don’t expect man to have all the answers to your problems. Don’t get me wrong please, it is good to have friends, colleagues, siblings or even parents you can confide in but please don’t expect much from them because they are humans. They are bound to err. They have their own hard times that they pass through too or they don’t just know how to handle your case which leads to them stylishly avoiding you. If we expect too much from them, we will be greatly hurt.


*As a person, we should try as much as possible to help people, There is no small help, Everyone was created with something that the other person doesn’t have and if you are privileged for them to talk to you confidentially about their hard times or needs please offer a helping hand.  Please and please don’t snub them. It is better you tell them you don’t know what to do about their situation than avoiding them. For someone to come meet you for help either materially, financially, spiritually, physically, health-wise or even emotionally, he or she has stripped themselves off their pride and ego to risk been vulnerable and when you break that trust or just leave them hanging they might never trust again. That is why we hear of cases of people committing suicide or even attempting it.

I know we are very busy people. We are work driven, we are vision or goal oriented, processing a visa, processing a scholarship, have a romantic relationship to nurture, we have sick parents to take care of or we are even sick ourselves. Sometimes showing as little as ‘EMPATHY’ can go a loyng way in a person’s life.

Please show you care ca95c67147f2b912b5c3544040e27184--inspirational-quotes-about-quotes-about-god no matter how little and if you don’t know how to then please learn it. Sometimes all that a person needs is a warm hug (I love hugs), a smile, a “don’t worry, you will be fine” quote, or just a word of “I care”.


* There are professionals (like Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Coaches, Mentors, Teachers etc) who are trained to help but are being paid for this. Please it’s not all the time you collect money. I understand you have got bills to pay. There are some people who genuinely don’t have the money to pay for your services but are dying inside. Please use that opportunity to impact a life. Use that opportunity to revive a dying soul. Use that opportunity to inspire, because through you that person’s generation and lives tied to that person in need will be revived. Oh how fulfilling that sounds it can never ever be compared to the money you will get to gain. Please learn to sometimes help people in need without financial gain. You dont know the blessings that are waiting for you and your generations to come. These blessings might not come from the people you helped but from people you don’t even know.

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others”…..

Albert Schweitzer

Please professionals be approachable, depression and suicides will greatly reduce.


* Watch the words you speak to people. They can either make or mar a person. Words sown are like seeds and they germinate. When the wrong seeds are sown it only takes the grace of God to uproot it. Words are like eggs, when broken can never be unbroken.

Learn to speak words of HOPE and LIFE to people going through one form of pain or another.

images-1You can imagine someone coming to you and says he or she is addicted to smoking or drugs and really wants to stop it now because it has affected their kidney, and all you could say is “didn’t I tell you this will happen? Didn’t i tell you if you don’t quit smoking you will just die like a chicken?”

I know we are also stressed out probably by a nagging boss, an annoying co-worker, a faulty car etc. Please learn to show love despite your challenges. I know it’s hard but you can try. Please be selfless. Learn to forget about yourself for once. Trust me it works for me. When you see me advising, lending help or a listening hear to people one will think I have got all working well for me.

Please stop saying words to people like “didn’t I tell you…” .’It’s your fault….”. “Only you can deliver yourself ….”. “Are you the only one going through….” , IT HURTS!!!!!!!!! It’s like you are telling that person to go back to zero point. You think he or she hasn’t tried all of that before? Don’t you know that for a person to come to you and open up or even cry it means they have tried all sorts and it’s not working? It means they have ripped themselves off their pride and ego. It means that they can’t do it on their own any longer and they are tired of fighting. Please and please don’t make them regret they ever came to you.

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

                                     Yehuda Berg


This lesson is for that person in pain or need;

* PLEASE BUILD A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS! I know you will say I have come again with my Jesus. I cannot emphasize this enough. He is the only friend who will not judge you, the only friend who will never gossip about your pains and struggles to others. He is the only Father that when you stray away He will still wait for you to come back with His arms open wide to accept you back. He longs for your relationship.

Of late all I have been telling my Abba Father is “…I cannot do it on my own, please help me…” and this is always with tears in my eyes (I would cry like a baby). I can tell Him this more than five times in a day because I know He is never tired of hearing me say I am weak and I need Him badly! With Jesus I am not scared of been vulnerable. With Jesus I don’t form (pretend).

I know God won’t come down and help you with what you are going through but He can show you ‘how’ through His word (the Bible). He can lead you to the right person or people who are just like Him. People who will love you genuinely. People who will not judge you. People who will take your matter like theirs. I know they are a scarce but trust me they exist.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus please accept Him today. He will change your story and heal your heart. He will wipe away your secret tears. He loves you crazy and would give you more than the world can.

If you want to accept Jesus Christ say these few words after me; Lord Jesus i accept you today as my Lord and my saviour. I acknowledge that you died for my and on the third day you rose again. Thank you Lord for receiving me. Amen.

Congratulations you are now Joint heirs with Jesus Christ. You have a new friend in Christ. Please join a Bible Believing Church near you where you will be taught God’s word.

It will end in Praise.

I love you!!!

Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle.







The kingdom of Heaven can be compared to a woman making bread. She takes a measure of flour and mixes in yeast until it permeates every part of the dough.

The kingdom of Heaven is like a farmer sowing good seeds in his field but one night as he slept, his enemy came and sowed thistles among the wheat. When the crop began to grow, the thistles grew too.
The farmer’s men came and told him, “sir, the field where you planted that choice seed is full of thistles!”. “An enemy has done it!”, he exclaimed. “Shall we pull out the thistles”, they asked, “no” he replied. You will hurt the wheat if you do. “Let them both grow together until the harvest, and I will tell the reapers to sort out the thistles and burn them, and put the wheat in the barn”.

The kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure a man discovered in the field. In his excitement, he sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field and get the treasure too.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a ‘Pearl Merchant’ on the look out for the choice pearls. He discovers a real bargain, a pearl of great value and sold everything he owned to purchase it.

How receptive is your heart to God’s word? How thirsty are you for His relationship? How aware are you of the enemy’s quest to take that which will give you life everlasting?

The enemy is ready to come and snatch away the word of LIFE and HOPE after you receive it. He wants to make sure you don’t understand the redeeming potential of the Word of God.

Do you find yourself being overwhelmed and joyous at the word being preached and suddenly when the troubles or challenges of life come, your enthusiasm fades and you drop out?

We even find men and women who were ‘fire-brands’ for God before they got that multimillion naira/dollar job/contract, got married or even encountered miracles in their lives (e.g the poor getting rich, the sick getting healed, the unfamous getting famous, those believing God for Visas getting it, etc) doing less and less for God because his/her longing to maintain their status and cares of this world chokes out God’s words. They hear God’s words but it doesn’t have any depth or make any meaning to them anymore as it used to. Their minds are now clogged up by how to maintain their wealth or get wealthier (Matthew 13:22).

Please friends, let us not forget that our existence on earth is temporary. We acquire this and that and forget that the Kingdom of Heaven should be our priority. Even the recession in the Economy as turned most of us to ‘Vanity-junkies’. We get carried away by fear and start looking for ways and ways by which our pockets dont get dry. Making money isn’t a bad idea in itself but when this idea turns our focus away from our first and original purpose – ‘KINGDOM SERVICE’, then there is a RED-ALERT!!!

When this attitude is left uncorrected, such person becomes transformed into that thistle that was sowed by that enemy (satan) in the field of that farmer. At the end of the day, during the HARVEST season there will be a separation between those who are the Lord’s and those who aren’t. Those who aren’t (the thistles) will be thrown into the furnace of fire. This shall not be our portions in Jesus Christ name.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not something to be handled with levity because the enemy moves up and down seeking for our slightest carelessness.

Please dear friends let us make our consistent relationship with God the standard for our everyday living, permeating into our Spirits, MAKING AND REMAKING us THROUGH AND THROUGH!!!

I Love you
Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle.


Remember now your creator in the days of your youth



The word of God admonishing our youths to remember their creator in the days of their youth i.e when they are still young. When they are not entangled with a lot of responsibilities of life. In eccl 12:1, the word of God says ” Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shall say I have no pleasure in them”.

You must remember and serve your God now with all your power and your might when you are still young and you still have energy and strength to run up and down for God and be devoted to Him. Dont wait until you are old with lots of responsibilities before you give your life to Jesus and serve Him because by then your strength will no longer be able to carry you. Serve God now when you have ability and you will be able to continue till the end of your life.

Most modern youths are non-chalant about God. They allow the affairs of life overwhelm them. They do not have time for the things of God. They hardly go to church and when they go they are always with their phones chatting with friends during the services. They hardly hear what the pastors are preaching. They go to church for fun fare, to exhibit their new attires and socialize instead of going to have an ENCOUNTER with God. They are not in any service group.

To study the bible is a very hard work for them. They tell you they are reading their bibles on their phones and end up browsing the internet which might one way or another lead to pornographic websites.

Most of our youths are entangled with drugs, cultism, armed robbery, prostitution, clubbing, smoking and drinking,1Timothy 4:13, 2 Timothy 2:15.
Even when most of our youths confess they bare Christians they see nothing bad in involving in these vices. They think their parents are too fanatical and old school for their liking.

” Let no man despise thy youth but be thou an example of believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” 1 Timothy 4:12.

Try and bear your yoke in your youth. Lamentations 3:27 ” It is good for a man that he bears the yoke in his youth”. You can easily bounce here and there. It is very easy for you to go to any length to achieve your goals in life if you are not lazy. You can locate and achieve the purpose of God for your life if you are diligent. Since the youths in the church today are the next generation, they must develop themselves to be Godly, Righteous, honest and diligent.
You must observe and keep some virtues from your youth which will be very easy for you yo exhibit when you are old. E.g Holiness, righteousness, perfection, kindness, faith, love, gentleness, goodness, truthfulness etc Galatians5:22-23.

WRITTEN BY: Pastor(Mrs) Ayokunle


P.S: This holy spirit inspired article was written by my wonderful mother.
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Phone number: 08023138466.

Remember now your creator in the days of your youth

Dream Big



Keep dreaming.
Keep hoping.
Keep hope alive.
By all means keep moving.

A living dog the bible says is better than a dead lion. So far you have breath in your nostrils, please Dont stop dreaming.

Once you stop hoping, you stop living. Once you stop dreaming you stop living. Despite your present trials and challenges, still DREAM.

Dream dreams that are way bigger than you, because it shows that God is involved. It makes you call and trust God to help you pull through.

“The greatness of your dream is a proof that you cannot achieve them without God”.

No matter how rough this year has been for you and no matter the trials you may be passing through, Dont stop hoping, Dont stop imagining great things. Dont stop dreaming.

The great news is that LIFE is your password to your dreams.

P.S: In the book of Ecclesiastes 9:4a, the Bible says for to him that is joined to the living, there is HOPE. This means that those that are joined to the living God there is HOPE. Hope becomes easy for you when you have the life of God in you.

The way to have God’s life in you is to give your life to His son JESUS CHRIST. I mean you have to be born again.


If you haven’t and wish to have this glorious life in you, kindly say these words after me;

Congratulations friend, you are now born again. You now have a life worthy to hope and dream bigger. Most of all you are a candidate of the glorious place called HEAVEN.

I rejoice with you.

Welcome to LIFE ETERNAL.

Kindly join a Bible-believing church around you to keep being grounded in the Lord.

Let’s keep HOPE alive friends.

Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle.

Dream Big


Days, weeks, months and years of silence and loneliness. Friends come and friends go. You have watched friends become acquintances. Chat buddies and people who you couldnt live a day without have turn to strangers.

You complain bitterly that shoulders to cry on have gone into extinction. You even hate yourself, thinking you have done something wrong to hurt them to make them flee.

Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and then years. You have graduated from the school of asking yourself questions to blaming yourself, blaming them and then blaming God.

You ask God, ” why did you let them go. I need them now at this point of my life. I need them to cheer me on on this race. I need their support. Their cheers will give me a push and most of all a reason to live….”.

God smiles and says, “You didnt do anything wrong neither have they. They just need to go. Their expiry date is due. They have come and gone at their appointed time. Besides you do not need man’s approval to be victorious on this earth. You must know this one thing, that everyone is not going to believe in your dreams and ministry. And that is why some of your buddies and friends just have to leave for you to have a TANGIBLE PROGRESS…”.

You have to please God first and not man. Even if you are abandoned and no one believes in your dreams, just like Jesus you will become the CORNERSTONE (1 pet 2:7).

Your success with God will attract them later.


You are special, unique and one of a kind. Dont allow any one belittle you.

Let God the Father, God the son and God the Holyspirit be your support and Cheerleaders. You have a whole team already cheering you to victory. They should be your reason for living.

And dont worry, you will see that God will raise up armies (people) who will believe in you, no matter how perculiar and unique your dream is.



Oluwapelumi Janet Ayokunle. P.s: sorry I haven’t been posting my articles on my blog site, this is due to some technical issue which will be solved soon. Thanks for staying with me and not giving up on me.



You say you don’t have what to preach to lost souls. You have various excuses and say, “I am too shy”, “I am afraid”, “I don’t have enough of this word of God sef, I am not eloquent, you won make I con preach wetin to lost souls”?, “ I am not strong enough to jump from one place to another”, “I be pastor, wetin con be my own o? (using Gen 4:9 as a support, lol)”, “I am too busy for all that (but we cannot do without poking the buttons on our phones to surf the internet for how to make money).

Most of us are very guilty about this, including me because I am a very shy ‘geh’ (covers face). Wait a minute..the more we give excuses the more souls are walking that ‘wide path’ to HELL FIRE’!

You were saved by Christ through your parents, friends, radio broadcast, TV broadcast, Church fliers, that regular person in the public bus, etc. Why are you now selfish (freely were you given, freely shall you give). I understand that you are a shy person, sometimes those words don’t come out right when you want to utter them (trust me I have been there, lmao). I understand you are very busy, or you are afraid of what people might say, or you are not strong enough physically to go about evangelizing. I could judge and say “did our patriarchs of old have the opportunity we have now? But I wouldn’t judge you.
Why cant we make use of our everyday hobby (surfing the internet) to reach out to the world. A statistic was just released that a minimum of 1 billion people log in to Facebook everyday. Can we now imagine adding the number of people that log in to other social networks like bbm, whatsapp, twitter,2go, youtube etc. Rampant activities on this media as we know are; business advertisement, pornography, trading, communication, show off, attention seeking lol, etc.

Christians can be rampant on this media to publicize Christ, preach Christ, save the dying souls. The word of God gives life to the dying world. The word of the Lord transforms lives, it exposes our flaws and gives us ways to correct them, Jam 1:21, Deut 32;46-47.

Please don’t hoard this sweet life alone. “If you keep candy under your pillow because you don’t want to share with your friend Ogechi, ‘na rat go chop am’ at last”. SPREAD THE GOSPEL TODAY!






Tear drops fall on my notepad as I write to you. Well I am a cry-baby, but my crying this time is justified.

I just finished watching a movie titled ‘LETTERS TO GOD’. This movie is about a young boy who was diagnosed with ‘Cancer’, and his resilient relationship and trust in God. His faith was so strong that it challenged people around him that were healthy. He didn’t trust God to heal him but he trusted God to take care of him. He trusted God that whatever situation he found himself was worth LOVING GOD FOR. He trusted God to be his Father and that He had His best interest at heart. The sick boy became a role model to people around him. He led a lot of people to Christ through his dogged Faith.

I was in tears almost throughout the movie, not because I pitied the dying child but because I understood the depth of the movie and could relate. Just like I wrote in one of my articles ”CORNERSTONE”, I said the Lord of Hosts needs you in your weak state for His glory. HE THRIVES AND FLORISHES IN YOUR WEAKNESSES AND IMPERFECTIONS. Now the movie LETTERS TO GOD clearly confirms this. That sickly child was HAND-PICKED of the Lord as a WARRIOR winning souls for Christ.

This whole journey centers on trust. If only you and I could trust God every second of our lives even in the midst of IMPERFECTIONS we would be marveled at how far He can use us.

I know you might not be sickly. Yours might be Financial Stagnancy, Lack of Progress, Bad uncontrolled habits, Mental Retardation, Psychological Trauma, Depression, Fear, Doubt, Speech Defects, Blindness, Delayed Marriage, Poverty, Lack of Love, Betrayal, whatever brings you shame. I am here to tell you that even in your IMPERFECTIONS the Lord’s LOVE is centered around you and you are HIS FAVOURITE. He has got your back and even if you feel that you want to fall, trust me, YOU WON’T FALL. God’s support behind you is stronger than a ‘Corinthian Pillar’. He is working out something splendid for you that will favour you in general.


Let your life reflect STRENGTH, BEAUTY, HOPE, MERCY, GRACE, SPLENDOR, GREATNESS, GLORY and most of all LOVE. Let the world see God’s radiance in your life drawing men unto Him.

Oluwapelumi Ayokunle.